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-Spring Steelhead (Act now, Limited Dates available)

Spring is right around the corner, we are looking forward to warmer days full of steelhead on the Muskegon River! Book your trip now to ensure you get a chance to land the fish of a lifetime on the pristine Muskegon River.

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Please visit our Fishing Report to see what we have been up to, check fishing conditions and get the low down on where the fish are. You can also book your trip and see our entire pricing info at the Guide Packages page.

Wondering where to stay?

 We recommend the Newaygo Cottage. This cozy cottage is directly on the Muskegon River. We have the ability to pick you up right out the back door of the cottage. We try to make your trip as easy as possible. After all, it is your time off! No meeting place, no driving directions to the boat launch. Walk out the door and get in the boat.


We also recommend the River Valley House, this cottage is also directly on the Muskegon River. We will pick you up directly on the river, no waiting, meeting, or driving. Walk out the door and into the best fishing experience in Michigan!



We have had the best fall steelhead run in many years, book your trip today.

We offer a great experience and strive to make your trip the best! It's not always about numbers to us, we enjoy the thrill and the experience in the outdoors. Thanks for your business.





Muskegon River Emergence Chart (Hatch Chart)

Arranged in order by date of Emergence

Common   Name Latin Name Group Emergence Dates* Emergence Times
Tiny   Black Stonefly #16-20 Allocapnia granulata, Nemouridae Stonefly 1/1-4/30 noon-4pm
Early   Black Stonefly #10-14 Taeniopteryx nivalis Stonefly 2/21-4/30 noon-4pm
Early   Brown Stonefly #12, 14 Brachyptera fasciata Stonefly 3/15-5/10 1pm-7pm
Slate   Wing Mahogony #16-18 (Little Red Quill) Paraleptophlebia   adoptiva Mayfly 4/15-7/8 10am-4pm
Peak:   5/1-14
Blue-winged   Olive #16-20 Baetis vagans Mayfly 4/15-8/24 noon-3pm
Peak:   5/1-7 and 6/7-21
Dark   Hendrickson #12, 14 (Hendrickson, Red Quill) Ephemerella   subvaria  Mayfly 4/20-5/20 10am-4pm
Peak:   5/1-14
Little   Black Caddis #16-18 Chimarra aterrima Caddisfly 4/20-7/31 noon-10pm
Peak:   5/1-14
Grannom   Caddis #14-16 Brachycentrus americanus Caddisfly 4/20-7/31 2pm-dark
Borcher's   Drake #12, 14 Leptophlebia cupida Mayfly 4/20-8/15 10am-4pm
Green   Caddis #10-18 (Green Rock Worm) Rhyacophilidae fenestra Caddisfly 5/1-6/30 2pm-dark
Medium   Bown Stonefly #8-14 Perlodidae lsogenus Stonefly 5/1-7/31 afternoons
Light   Hendrickson #14, 16 Ephemerella rotunda Mayfly 5/3-6/20 noon-5pm
Giant   Stonefly #2-8 (Salmonfly) Pteronarcys dorsata Stonefly 5/15-6/30 any time
Great   Speckled Olive Mayfly #10-14 Siphloplecton basale Mayfly 5/15-7/15 noon-5pm
Peak:   5/14-31
True   Hendrickson #14, 16 Ephemerella invaria Mayfly 5/15-7/20 noon-5pm
Peak:   5/21-6/7
Sulphur   Dun Mayfly #16, 18 Ephemerella dorothea Mayfly 5/15-7/8 noon-5pm
Peak:   6/7-30
Blue-winged   Olive #14, 16 Baetis spp. Mayfly 5/15-7/12 8pm-10pm
Tiny   Blue-winged Olive #20, 22 Baetis cingulatus Mayfly 5/15-8/30 10am-9pm
Green   Oak Worm #8-12 Lepidoptera sp. Terrestrial 5/15-7/10 day
Peak:   6/7-21
Little   Yellow or Green Stonefly #14-18 Allloperla sp. Stonefly 5/15-10/30 afternoons
White   Miller Caddis #14, 16 Nectopsyche Caddis 5/15-10/30 afternoons
March   Brown #10, 12 Stenonema vicarium Mayfly 5/17-7/20 noon-4pm
Early   Gray Drake #12, 14 Siphlonurus rapidus Mayfly 5/20-6/15 dark
Peak 6/1-7
Cinammon   Caddis #14-20 Hydropsyche sp. Caddisfly 5/20-9/30 4pm-dark
Sand   Drake Mayfly #12, 14 Stenonema fuscum Mayfly 5/20-7/20 8pm-midnight
Peak:   6/1-14
Quill   Gordon #12, 14 Epeorus pleuralis Mayfly 5/24-7/12 1pm-4pm
Pale   Evening Dun #16, 18 Ephemerella dorothea Mayfly 6/1-7/15 8pm-midnight
Brown   Drake Mayfly #8-12 Ephemera simulans Mayfly 6/1-7/4 8pm-midnight
Peak:   6/1-14
Great   Orange Sedge #8, 10 Phryganlidae ptilostomis Caddisfly 6/1-7/31 evenings
Beetles Coleoptera Terrestrial 6/1-9/30 day, evening
Midges   #20-28 Diptera . 6/1-10/30 .
Light   Cahill #12, 14 Stenonema sp. Mayfly 6/5-8/14 2pm-10pm
Giant   Michigan Mayfly #4-8 (Hex, Michigan Caddis) Hexagenia limbata Mayfly 6/10-7/10 10pm-4am
Peak:   6/21-7/7
Late   Gray Drake #10, 12 Sephlonurus alternatus Mayfly 6/10-7/26 dark
Peak:   7/1-14
Mahogany   Dun Mayfly #10, 12 Isonychia sadleri Mayfly 6/15-7/30 4pm-10pm
Peak:   6/21-7/14
Golden   Drake Mayfly #10, 12 Ephemera varia Mayfly 6/15-8/7 .
Leadwing   Coachman #10, 12 Isonychia bicolor Mayfly 6/15-9/15 4pm-10pm
Ants   #12-24 (Black and Cinammon) Hymenoptera: Formicidae Terrestrial 6/15-9/30 day, evening
Big   Golden Stonefly #6, 8 Paragentina media Stonefly 6/21-8/7 .
Slate   Winged Olive Mayfly #14, 18 Ephemerella lata Mayfly 6/21-8/14 .
Dark   Slate Wing Olive Mayfly #18, 20 Ephemerella simplex Mayfly 6/21-9/30 .
Tiny   Blue Winged Olive Mayfly #22, 24 Pseudocloen anoka Mayfly 6/21-9/30 .
Crickets Orthoptera sp. Terrestrial 7/1-10/15 any time
Grasshoppers   #6-12 Orthoptera sp. Terrestrial 7/15-9/30 day
Tiny   White-winged Black #22-26 (Trico) Tricorythodes stygiatus Mayfly 7/20-10/20 6am-10am
Small   Slate Mahogany Dun Mayfly #16, 18 Paraleptophlebia debilis Mayfly 7/20-10/30 .
Black   Dancer Caddisfly #18, 20 Mystocides sepulchralis Caddisfly 8/1-9/30 .
Little   Medium Olive Mayfly #22-24 Baetis pygmalus Mayfly 8/7-9/30 .
White   Fly Mayfly #12, 14 Ephoron album Mayfly 8/14-9/30 .
Blue-winged   Olive #14, 16 Baetis tricaudatus Mayfly 8/15-11/1 11am-4pm
Slate   Wing Brown Mayfly #14, 16 Baetis heimalis Mayfly 9/1-11/1 .


***Chrome Coming 2013*** 

Spring is here and so are the Steelhead! Here are a few pictures from the past few days April 1-7.

Awesome hen!

Mr. Wellman with a beautiful 9 pound hen.

Pam with one of many fresh chrome steelhead!!

Pam with another great 8 pound male.

As we head into winter we would like to remind you all that we are offering full day guided ice fishing trips!

Book your ice fishing trip and save on a spring steelhead trip!!

If you book your ice fishing trip for any day between January 13, 2013 and February 13, 2013, get $50 off any spring steelhead trip.( You must book both trips by February 13, 2013)


Welcome to the West Michigan Guide Service Homepage. Here are a few current events and what's going on in our neck of the woods.

**NEW** Check out the River info page to see the River flow and height of all West Michigan's Rivers.

*****!!! To all of our Veterans. In honor of Veteran's Day book a trip for the months of November and December and receive $100 OFF!!!  Call Jason Rose for more information!!!*****

Jason Rose


We would like to congratulate our guide Nate Wellman for qualifying for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic! Nate finished the 2012 season 17th in points, clinching the 2013 Bassmaster Classic berth. Feel free to follow the link below to his Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Profile on bassmaster.com. See our video tab for more videos of Nate Wellman from the past few years.


West Michigan Guide Service is a family run outfit. We have spent countless days on the water with family and friends and loved every second of it. We enjoy teaching our skills to others to enjoy for years to come. From fly fishing with the kids to Bass fishing with the Pro’s, we have done it all. We primarily fly fish on West Michigan’s pristine rivers, but our skills are not limited to fly fishing. We are not too proud to pick up a spinning rod and throw a few spinners for trout.

We have toured the world in search of a new adventure. Nate is a proven successful veteran with a bait caster and Jason cannot stay off the hard water in the winter! Although we specialize in river fishing our skills are far from limited to the river. Whatever the conditions call for we can adapt to make sure we stay in hot pursuit of the big ones. So book your next trip with West Michigan Guide Service, West Michigan’s elite guide service.