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February 28, 2017

The Muskegon River is beginning to signs of spring. We have seen a few fresh steelhead over the past week or so of higher water. The fish gods have blessed us with warmer, and longer days. With rain in the forecast I expect the higher water will bring a few new fish into the system. We are seeing steady numbers of fish lately with colder days proving to be a tougher bite. I expect the next few weeks to see a few more fish as spring is in the air if you are thinking of booking, do it! As the weather gets warmer our days will book quickly. We have half and full days available. We can accommodate groups of nearly any size.

 Beads and spawn bags are both proving to be productive over that past week.

Current Muskegon River Conditions


35.6 F

8.0 Ft

Rising and good clarity

The Grand River is continuing to produce good numbers of fish everyday. Combat fishing near the 6th Street Dam has been primarily the name of the game, beads and bags are a good bet! I expect the river to swell for the next few days with runoff from todays rain and more on the way, will again bring a good push of steelhead. The next best bite will be in a few days as the water begins to fall. If you are looking to get a quick limit on The Grand River give us a call!

Current Grand River Conditions

7750 CFS

7.6 FT

Rising and decent clarity



January 17, 2017

Winter steelhead are biting and the water temps are warming up. This unusually warm weather has risen the river levels and the fish are becoming more active. The past few days has been a roller coaster effect of conditions. The Muskegon River is continuing to produce big fish, as has been the same story all fall. As we head into spring weather the Muskegon River will continue to pump out good fish.

The Muskegon River is currently rising with a ton of run off and rain in the forecast. I expect the high water to pull a few fish in from the lake, and by the weekend the river will be busy and dirty. The fish should be active as the river temps rise. We have been fishing beads and other egg presentations for the best bite. The fish seem to be well scattered through the entire system with the bulk of the fish near the Pine St ramp or Croton Dam. Plenty of trout to be caught between Steelhead to keep us busy throughout the day. If you are thinking of getting out on the river, the weather will be better suited for a river trip as the local lakes are going to take a beating and the ice conditions will deteriorate.


Currently the Muskegon River is a 2480cfs and rising, 5.9 ft, and 34.34 F and steady

Here are just a few pictures from this fall and winter.


September 7, 2016

The summer is coming to a close and we are beginning our chase for fall run King Salmon in the rivers of West Michigan. Currently we are running charters on Lake Michigan out of Whitehall, Mi. The past few weeks has produced a mixed bag of big Lake Trout and a few adult Kings. Last week the lake did flip over and push in a few fish for a couple of days, then the King bite halted and we focused on Lake Trout for the remainder of the weekend. After the recent rains and cold front on the way, we will likely see a decent number of fish move in closer to the piers and even shoot up the rivers. We are expecting the Kings to be of decent size and from the looks of things, we are seeing plenty of Biggin's!!


 Now is the time to start prepping for your fall trips. If you haven't yet, call us today to get in on the action!! We have trips starting at $250 this week!!

Captain Nate



March 21, 2016

Spring has begun to take off with a strong start. The upper stretches of the Muskegon River are producing many hookups everyday. More and more chrome fish are showing up in nearly every stretch of the river as the river water levels are rising. The river temp has gone up daily, with the rising temperature and heavier flow the steelhead have steadily moved up the river and are stacking up quite well from Croton Dam down through Newaygo. Currently the river is on the fall, and clearing up. After a couple busy days on the weekend and more water flowing the river was stained up and now has a great tint to it. The fish are hungry, beads and spawn bags are the ticket. With steelhead just starting to drop eggs in some stretches, it wont be long until the gravel flats are packed with boats. Get on the river now and beat the crowds. Nate and I have plenty of days available through April. With the weather man calling for a blast of snow, it should slow things down and we anticipate good fishing well into May. Get your trips booked today!

Current Conditions- Muskegon River at Croton Dam

3900 CFS and Steady

39 degrees and rising

Here are a few pictures from the action over the last couple days.

March 3, 2016

Spring is upon us. After a mild winter, we enjoyed many great days on the Muskegon River! We are geared up and ready to hit the water for the spring steelhead migration. As the snow is melting and the temperatures are climbing, we are starting to see a few fresh fish in the system. It wont be long and all the rivers in West Michigan will be loaded with fresh steelhead. Lately we have been catching our fish with beads, spawn bags are starting to prove effective as the water levels rise. With rain in the forecast the water will begin to get a bit dirty and high. I expect the Muskegon River to get dirty by the end of next week. Right now the water is low and pretty clear. As spring moves in the water temps will rise and we will see many more fish move up the system and onto the gravel. This winter proved to be bountiful and full of productive days on the water. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks on the Muskegon River. Give us a call now to book your spring steelhead trips, next week will be perfect!

Muskegon River Flow/Temp

3070 CFS @ Croton Dam

Water Temp 34.3




December 2, 2015

Well, it seems that nearly every river on the west side of Michigan has plenty of steelhead willing to play. The past few weeks has been a wild roller coaster of weather. We have received much needed rain and a little snow in the mix. Generally, this fall is shaping up pretty well. Most of the local Rivers have plenty of water and a good number of fresh fish running up daily. The next week has a lot of sunshine in the forecast, lets hope the higher water continues to bring fresh chrome!

The Muskegon River went up last week and stayed up for a few days from a few rainstorms last week. We are currently seeing many fresh fish and bobbers are dropping! Beads and spawn bags have primarily been the tactic of choice for us. Egg patterns are producing a ton of hook ups is the past few days. The water is settling down and the clarity has a tint of color. Perfect for fresh fall chrome!

Muskegon River Flow/Temp

2950 CFS @ Croton Dam

Water Temp 44.5 F

The Grand River is higher than it has been in the past week or so. With the higher water, a little color, the conditions have been awesome for Steelhead. We are getting many hook ups on spawn bags with a lot of color to them. As the rains in the past week have pulled in many new fish the Grand River still continues to produce a good number of fish with no end in sight. We are in for a week without much rain or clouds in the forecast. Lets hope the water stays high and a bit colored up for a few more days!!

Grand River at Grand Rapids

Streamflow 3970 CFS


November 5, 2015

The past week brought much appreciated rain and more water to the Muskegon River. The steelhead action has picked up a bit more each day. With the rain last week and clouds for a few days many fresh steelhead moved into the system. Most stretches of the river are holding fresh hungry steelhead. The bite has fluctuated in intensity with each passing day. With the river flowing near 1600 cfs, more flow and clouds will improve the fishing conditions. Spawn bags and beads are the candy of choice for these hot steelhead, with salmon eggs in nearly every stretch of the river the steelhead are eating well. At the beginning of the week we saw many juvenile fish, toward the beginning of this week the adults are starting to show with great intensity!!

Muskegon River Flow/ Temp

1620CFS @ Croton Dam

Water Temp, 53.2

Here is what we have been up to..


October 24, 2015

Steelhead fishing has begun to pick up on the Muskegon River. As the King Salmon have been spawning for a few weeks now, the Steelhead have begun to show up. We are getting a few each day, the are in great fall fashion with bursts of energy and fighting hard! There are plenty of Kings on gravel spawning to keep the crowds busy. The steelhead are around and very hungry. Beads have been working well near gravel, imitations of egg patters are working well. Float fishing is the name of the game with either spawn or beads producing many steelhead bites! Today we have been getting a good rain and a little more flow, the steelhead action will pick up for the next few days.

Muskegon River Flow/Temp

1500CFt @ Croton Dam and currently Rising

Water Temp, 56.5 F

Here are a couple steelhead from this week.


October 6, 2015

The Muskegon River has been producing a decent number of fish over the past week. We got some rain, clouds, and cooler temperatures.  Over the past couple days we have seen gravel turn light and fish are beginning to dig. As the salmon begin to spawn we will see more fish on the gravel shortly, the holes are producing good numbers of fish. The river went up yesterday and we got an active bite with cooler water flowing and clouds overhead, this morning went back down and levelled out. The early Thunderstick bite has nearly vanished, bobbers and skein are producing. We are seeing many guys Fly Fishing, (Chuck and Duck) and not as successful over the past few days. It will not be long, Steelhead are headed up.. 
Muskegon River Flow/Temp
Currently dropping, 1240 CFS. Peaked near 1700 CFS yesterday
Water Temp is on the incline during the sun, falling at night/clouds. Current temp is 62.5 F
Call us now if you want to get in on the bite. Its On!


September 29, 2015

Fall is here, the Muskegon River continues to produce many King Salmon and the action is picking up. The temperature has begun to drop after what felt like an eternal Indian Summer. Today we got a much needed rain storm that dumped rain on Northwest Michigan. The rain combined with falling temperatures has been a welcomed cool down to get the salmon action turned up. Expect salmon numbers to increase over the next week as the river is on the rise pulling more Kings upstream. Currently the Muskegon River is flowing at nearly 1800 CFS with the water temperature roughly 67 degrees Fahrenheit and falling. Expect river levels to stay higher for the next day or two as the rain and runoff catch up from the north. We don't have much rain in the 10 day forecast but, if the nights stay cold we expect to see the Kings move in higher numbers.

 The bite has been steady all day on skein, we have been casting Thundersticks at first and last light. Bobbers and skein has produced the most fish. We have encountered a couple walleye in the morning along with a stray catfish! As we near the Michigan Archery Season Opener the fishing pressure will drop off slightly. Give us a call, we have availabilities for the rest of the season. Fall Steelhead will be here soon!!

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks.

Stray Cat!

Walleye and Kings!

A great Coho from the Big Manistee River


September 17, 2015

The Rivers in West Michigan are beginning to get some King Salmon action. It wont be long and they King's will be loaded up in the deep pools staging to spawn. Fall has been warmer than usual, this has caused the fish to hold up at the big lake waiting for cooler water. Cooler water is on the way, we are expecting a big rain and some wind from the north to drop the temperatures of the air and water.

We have been casting Thundersticks and floating skein under bobbers to get a few bites. The mornings have been the most productive for the most part. Each day we are getting a handful of bites, keeping them buttoned up has been a bit of a challenge at times. Make each cast count, these fish are full of life and ready to play! As this weather system rolls through, we are expecting a big push of new fish. The cooler rain and clouds are welcomed sign of great things to come. We can sure use all rain we can get. The temperatures are going to slowly climb back into the 70's next week. We should have clear skies and plenty of King's around to play with.

If you are looking to get out on the water in the next week after this rain, we have dates available for the Muskegon River and the Big Manistee River. Please Call Nate to book your trip 616-540-5695. You will not be disappointed next week, plenty more fresh fish will move upstream.

Adam with a great King!

John got himself a wild one!

Big King!

Smoked King Salmon Anyone?

Hit the road Joe with a good hen!


September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

We have spent the summer chasing Steelhead and Salmon on Lake Michigan near Whitehall. Lately, the fish have been getting closer to the piers, seemingly staging to shoot up the river. We have seen many fish that have turned colors from bright blue to dark grey. Meat rigs and plugs have been the ticket since last week. The fish are showing more signs of migrating up the rivers. The next few weeks will definitely be better on the rivers with more clouds in the forecast. The Big Manistee River has a few fish starting to fill up the holes. Some guys are catching a few at Tippy Dam, it wont be long and it will be in full swing up there.

 We are happy to announce the 2015 King Salmon season is upon us. As the next couple weeks play out, we will see more Salmon in the river each day. The fish have already begun to push upstream. The weather forecast is getting better each day, rain and cooler temperatures will bring many more fish!! We are currently booking our fall for King Salmon trips on the Big Manistee River. We will be chasing King Salmon in the Manistee for the entire moth of September. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have a peaceful day away full of big fish and life long memories!

Here are a couple pictures from the last few days on Lake Michigan.


May 9,2015

The past few weeks have been fun on the Muskegon River. We are having our best spring steelhead run in many years, the fish showed up hungry and ready to play! We have been staying away from the gravel fish and targeting the holding fish. Less pressure and hungry fish have been willing to play and make some bobbers drop! The Muskegon River has been clear and rather low for the last week, the lower water has kept some spawning fish in deeper water.  We have been using beads and bobbers to get hooked up, fly fishing on gravel hasn't been as productive. We have had a ton of boat traffic and the hungry fish have pushed into deeper water to spawn. Some bugs are hatching and trout are feeding as well, spring is far from over. I expect to be fishing steelhead into June on the Muskegon River. More chrome and tight hens are showing up each day. We have landed MANY big brown trout this spring. The Drake hatch is not far off, give us a call today to get your trip booked! Don't miss out, this spring is definitely one for the record books. 

April 21, 2015

We have been busy on the water for the past few weeks! The Muskegon River continues to produce many chrome fish everyday. The steelhead have pushed up on gravel to do their deed. We have seen many fish caught on beds. The fresh fish have been cooperative and pushing up the river to spawn, with new fish in the system everyday. Spawn bags and beads have been the hot ticket this week. The water has risen and fallen, but maintained a fairly consistent flow. This spring has been very productive with the predictable and much lower water conditions. Currently the Muskegon River is flowing at 3170 CFS and rising. The Muskegon River water temperature at Croton Dam is  staying between 47 and 50 degrees. The rain is helping and the river is full of fish. To get hooked up call Nate now! We have a few availabilities through April and we anticipate to be on fresh steelhead well into May.

Call Today 616-540-5695



March 31, 2015

Spring has sprung and the rivers of West Michigan are filling up with fish! We have been seeing many more chrome fish everyday and no end in sight. We are off to a great start to the 2015 Steelhead run!

The Grand River has been continuing to produce many steelhead with the best area to fish near 6th Street Dam. We have been floating spawn bags under bobbers. On sunnier days the deeper runs have produced the most fish. There are steelhead already shooting up the Rouge River and limits are easy to get lately. Share the water and be patient. The steelhead are hungry and there are plenty to go around!!

The Muskegon River is getting better with each day. Today we put many fish in the net, with a mix of beads and spawn bags. There has been a lot of pressure in the past few days as the first steelhead are starting to show up. It would seem that everyone has cabin fever and hitting the river.  The river temperature is rising and the fish are moving up stream, currently the Muskegon River is flowing near 1860 CFS and almost 38 degrees. If you are looking to get out on the river with us next week we have a few days available. Call Nate @ 616-540-5695

Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks.



December 24, 2014

On behalf of all of us here at West Michigan Guide Service, I would like to say Merry Christmas. The bite has been steady this week we have not had great days, but we are producing a few fish everyday. Our chances at a strike have been hard to produce with the increasing sunshine and colder temperatures. We are making the best of it though, we are seeing many brown trout around and even landing a few big ones. The best bite for us has come from beads. either a natural spawn color or a milkier egg in the sunshine. Here are a few pictures from the past week.



November 22, 2014

Today was off the hook...or should we say On the Hook! Many hook ups with many fish landed. All we have left to say is, another limit!! The bead proved to be unstoppable, a spawn bag never got touched today by a steelhead near our boats. We even made it off the water before the skies let loose. The next few days should produce a few more fish as well. Get on the water and off the couch! 



November 16, 2014

Halloween has come and gone. Fall steelhead are in full effect.  We have had some windy days but the steelhead are showing up and we are hot in pursuit. Nate and I took a day off to fish the lower stretches of the Muskegon River. We got into a few steelhead with bobbers and fresh king salmon spawn bags. As we near deer season we will start to get a few more hook ups each day.  Today we got some wet and heavy snow to make things interesting, don't let fall pass you by! Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.





October 21, 2014

The Muskegon River has been giving up a few Steelhead and many King Salmon. Over the past couple weeks we have been very busy and on the Muskegon River every day. For King Salmon bed fishing on gravel has been the way to get them. Flies have been the ticket.  There are many trout feeding on eggs near the beds as well. Each day we are seeing some dandy browns and rainbows too. Bouncing a spawn bag through the beds has proven a few nice steelhead too.  As we will get more sun for the rest of the week, we expect the spawning salmon to shift to deeper beds and off the polished up areas. The King Run is in full effect, nothing like last year however. Steelhead fishing has been our target fish for the better part of a week now. Steelhead fishing is starting to pick up, we are landing a few more everyday. Floating a spawn bag under a bobber has been the best way to get a bent rod! Fishing beads under a float has produced a few fish, but each day the "hot" color is changing. We will be busy with steelhead for the rest of the fall, the kings are dropping eggs like crazy and the steelhead are on the feed!

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks. Kings and Steelhead on the Muskegon River.



October 1, 2014

The Big Manistee River is continuing to produce many fish on beds. Be careful when planning your trip to the Tippy Dam Area, people are flocking in groves to the river. This year has not produced the number of King Salmon that we have seen in the few years past. Work hard and get to your spot early and you will be pleasantly rewarded with some fish. Lately, flies and beads bouncing on bottom have been the best way to get into some big Kings!

The Muskegon River is beginning to see the first push of King Salmon from Lake Michigan over the past couple weeks. The Fish are hitting Thundersticks and skein in the mornings and late evenings. The bright sun will push the fish to deep slow pools. Find some deep water and cast away, you should be rewarded very soon! We are expecting to see many king Salmon on beds will into November. The steelhead will not be far behind the Kings. With low clear water conditions fishing will remain tough until we get a bit more rain and some cloudy days.


Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks.


September 11, 2014

We have been fishing on the Big Manistee River for the past two weeks. Fishing has been slow compared to recent years past. We are starting to see a good number of King Salmon push up the river. We have been getting many bites very early in the morning on Thundersticks. We have been floating skein in the daylight hours.  The number of skein bites is increasing as more fresh fish enter the Manistee River. The Coho's have been eating flies and bead patterns we are landing just as many Coho's as Kings. The Coho are getting to fewer and farther between as the river is filling with Kings. The area between Pine Creek and Bear Creek seem to be holding the most fish. If you are going on the river be sure to get there early. The boat traffic is in full effect. Below are a few pictures from the last week.


July 26, 2014

We have begun prepartations for the fall season 2014. We will be gearing up to spend two weeks on the Big Manistee River  near Wellston, Mi. in September, as well as the rest of the fall King Salmon and Steelhead season on the Muskegon River near Newaygo, Mi. This summer has not been nearly as hot as the past few years. With temperatures hanging right around the mid 80's, the Muskegon River is flowing well and cool. Recently we have been fishing smallmouth bass, trout, and summer run steelhead. Fishing the rivers in West Michigan this time of year can result in many species to the net. Spinners, worms, and flies are common tactics to be successful on the river when it is warm. As the days get hot and the sun is beating down, smallmouth will feed and gather in the cooler water. Here are a few pictures from the past few days on West Michigan Rivers. Be sure to call us for your next fishing trip, we are now booking Fall King Salmon and Steelhead adventures!!


May 1, 2014

Spring Steelhead Fishing on the Muskegon River has ben awesome! We are putting quite a few fish in the net everyday. We are seeing a good number of fresh fish push up the river to spawn.  In the past week we have landed MANY fish over 13 pounds! This spring is mimicking the 2013 fall run of King Salmon, BIG! This year we have boated more fish over 10 pounds than we have landed fish under 10 pounds. The average size of the Muskegon River Steelhead is definitely larger than years past. We have been getting our fish on flies mostly; beads, spawn bags, and flies will do the trick. We have gotten a few to pull down a bobber this week as well as fly fishing near gravel bars. Give Nate a call to book your Spring Steelhead trip 616-540-5695. We have many openings this month with 3 full time guides on staff to accommodate trips at short notice!

Here are some pictures from the past week.

April 21, 2014 

The Muskegon River has fallen back to a reasonable height and the steelhead are on gravel. Boat traffic has been heavy, the high water is not keeping many people away. The water temperature is approaching 50 degrees, the fish have begun to spawn and we are catching good numbers of fish each day. The water is still pretty dirty, cleaner water will be holding fish. Flies have proven to be the trick to hooking up with plenty of fish! Spawn bags will work near many of the runs, fresh fish are moving in everyday! This rain and cloud cover will not hurt the numbers either.

Walleye opener is this weekend. We would love to take you out for opening day. The Muskegon River is a great place to start the season off with a few lunkers!! We have hooked up with many walleye this week.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

April 8, 2014

We are beginning to feel warmer temperatures and the fishing was rather tough all week last week. After the higher dirty water, the river flow is starting to level off and the fish seem to be more comfortable. Warmer temperatures are in the forecast, we can finally enjoy the fishing conditions! The steelhead are finally starting to cooperate, we have seen a dramatic change in the river, and a dramatic change in the fishing. Here are a couple pictures from the past week.



 April 2, 2014

The past week has bought more water and milder temperatures. We are seeing a few fresh chrome steelhead move into the Muskegon River system. We have not yet seen a large push of fish, it seems as though the steelhead are moving upstream slowly. The Muskegon River is climbing, the gauge height is over 8 feet and the flow is rising each day. Currently the flow is at nearly 5500 CFS. The fish are hiding in the slow pools or behind structure. We have seen spawn bags be the key to success. The fish are feeding with their sense of smell rather than sight, go big or go home empty handed!

 Here are a few pictures from the past week.



March 26, 2014

Wow, what a week. Nate Wellman has been having a great year on the Elite Series tour; 20th in points ain't too bad!! Top Michigan angler on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour! He came home to a full week of guiding in the arctic tundra we call the Muskegon River. He wasted no time getting acclimated and we hit the water yesterday for a much needed day off. There are plenty of fish in the system and the weather is the only element that will not cooperate! The fish are here, we have not seen "The Push" everyone is chattering about; however we are getting plenty of fresh chrome, and mostly hens. This means the day is near, that "Banner" day we have all been waiting for. The forecast is out and the weather has a perfect recipe for fresh steelhead; Mild temps, rain, and sunshine. Yes, I said sunshine, we need something to get this runoff going. The bite is tough at times, the weather has kept a lot of guys off the water. Beads and spawn bags are the ticket. 5 egg salmon egg spawn bags with a chartreuse nylon bag are the deal! We still have a few days open in April, not for long though. Call Nate and Book Today!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

March 24, 2014

The Muskegon River has continued to produce some great Steelhead. We have been seeing many days with warmer weather. The runoff continues to bring up the river temperature, today however we saw a decline in temperature at the dam due to the past few cold nights. This being said, many fisherman had a tough day chasing steelhead in cooler water. The steelhead are biting on something different nearly every day. Beads, Spawn, and flies have worked at the correct time of the day. Don't be afraid to throw few flies on these warmer days. We have seen a few hatches happen on the warmer days, when the water temp hits the correct temperature. The cold snap we are in right now will have the fish shut down until the next pressure system rolls in on Wednesday. Good luck out there and give us a call for your next trip. We appreciate your business!

Here are  a couple pictures from the past few days on the Muskegon River.


March 12, 2014

Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing Report

This is it boys and girls, this is what we have been waiting for all winter. Last fall we were all stunned at the size of the King Salmon, we averaged fish weighing over 20 pounds. Then we got into some absolute duker fall Steelhead. Here we are in mid March 2014, the beads are separated, flies are tied, jigs are painted. Let's get it on, we have boated more Muskegon River Steelhead in the last 2 days than in an entire week in the past month. We have had well over 30 hook ups a day since Tuesday. The moon phase will be like the grand finale on the fourth of July. We have seen a few shined up gravel beds, and released a few loose hens today! The water temperature is on the incline. If you have not made plans to get on the Muskegon River in the next 2 weeks, make it happen. Book your trip today, and don't procrastinate.

Muskegon River Walleye Fishing Report

If the sun is out, the walleye are going to drop into the deep darker areas. There are plenty of walleye in the river right now. They are still in pre spawn mode, we may need a few more degrees to get the full on spawn. Season Closes on Saturday, so think fast and get a limit! We are hooking up with at least a dozen a day. We have done our best work under the cover of darkness. Early morning and right at dark has been most productive lately. We have hit all of our fish on crank baits.

Croton Pond Ice Fishing Report

We are still seeing a few guys on the ice, still plenty of ice and each day we are seeing a little more slush. The run off is putting more oxygen in the water which activated the feed again. We have seen limits of gills and perch taken right around the island off from the campground. We are winding down our ice trips for the spring. We will still offer trips as long as the ice conditions see fit. After next week the ice will probably start getting treacherous. Good Luck out there guys!!


March 9, 2014

Spring has Sprung! We are beginning to get a bit of run off from the warmer temperatures. The steelhead activity continues to be hot then off. We have been steadily running spawn bags, and beads. We have picked up a few fish in the slower slack water. As the days get longer and spring weather moves in we will see more and more steelhead enter the Muskegon River system. Warmer days ahead will bring the river up as well, a bit of a stain to the water will make the steelhead move into new water and activate the slower more lethargic fish. Our spring dates are getting slim, give us a call to book your spring steelhead trip! Call Nate @ 616-540-5695

February 21, 2014

The warm weather has come and gone, back to winter! The steelhead fishing has been better at least. The Muskegon River is still giving us some great steelhead and nice walleye. The water is turning a bit stained as we got a bit of run off yesterday with all the rain. Ice fishing is still hit and miss in the area. Croton Pond has plenty of ice, if you are willing to do some work the fish are around. Here are a few pictures from this week. Float fishing for steelhead on the Muskegon River is the way to go. Fly fishing has been slow, an egg sucking leech pattern has been a good go to pattern, with only a few hook ups though. A jig and waxies has been the ticket in these odd weather patterns. Patience is a virtue for most...


February 16, 2014

The Muskegon River steelhead fishing is heating up. The sunshine and warmer temperatures are a great recipe for fresh steelhead. The warmer temperatures are a welcomed change, spring is almost here. We had an awesome weekend. The river produces many walleye, quite a few steelhead and even a smallmouth bass! For steelhead bead patterns are hot right now, float fishing has been very productive. For walleye's we hooked into a ton of fish on crank baits. Many guys were on the banks using minnows and having no luck. We still have plenty of time until the river is full of walleyes, but there are many moving up the river already! Here are a few pictures of the fun we had this weekend with Cody and Andy. More fish are moving up through the Muskegon River System, we are continuing to get fresh chrome everyday!

February 13, 2014

This week is beginning to warm up. FINALLY! The weather is beginning to break and warmer weather is in the forecast, 40 degrees next week! We have availabilities all week. We are ready to hit the river, this is the time to book your spring trips. We are still able to fill some days in March. Give us a call or book your trip while the dates are available. This is the first warm up in over a month, the steelhead are hungry and there has been little or no boat traffic in the past few days. Take advantage of the active fish and great weather!


February 9, 2014

This weekend was busy in the Newaygo area. There were fishing contests and ice anglers of all kinds on the local lakes. We chose to set up shop on a chain of lakes near Newaygo. We have been getting good numbers of blue gills on wax worms and spikes. We have been using tungsten jigs with a natural colored head. Deeper water has offered larger fish and a mixed bag of perch, gills, and a few walleye. We have been fishing a chain of lakes that contains walleye and they have been on the feed in the mornings especially.  Croton Pond will be busier than ever over the next week, with another tournament next weekend. Stay away from the crowds and fish hard!

The upcoming week is going to warm up steadily.  The Muskegon River Steelhead fishing will be awesome!! Today we got a bit of run off from the sunshine and break in the arctic weather. The next few days will continue to provide a bit of run off and get the steelhead moving! We have availabilities for the first part of the week, book today and take advantage of the good weather!

 February 5, 2014

The weather has given us a break for a few days. The fish have started biting better, Muskegon Lake gave us a few perch for the frying pan. We have been fishing in 35 FOW, the perch are still coming in waves. We managed to get about 50 perch, and the average size was 8". Some sorting, but we made a good mess!

Croton Pond has slowed down. The gills and perch are scattering out and finding structure. We have seen many gills and specs suspended above any type of structure. A gold colored jig tipped with a wax worm has done the trick lately, be patient and they will move in. A lot of mobility is key to success in the later winter days. The gills and specs have not moved far from where they have been earlier in the winter, but they are definitely moving into new water. The pike are still hitting shiners and suckers, we have been seeing 4 to 5 fish on tip ups everyday. There are a few fishing contests going on in the Newaygo and Croton area over the next two weeks. Be sure to stay safe and good luck to everyone who entered the contests!

January 16, 2014

Earlier this week we took a morning off from the West Michigan walleye lakes  and we went east bound and down, loaded up and truckin' to none other than Saginaw Bay! We had a pretty productive morning. In the first 2 hours we had 4 keeper walleye on the ice. A snow storm started moving in around noon and shut the fish right off. We went a few miles off shore and got away from the crowds. We threw everything but the kitchen sink at them, we got our fish on buckshots, glow jigs, and tip ups. We managed to land one great walleye weighing in at 7 1/2 pounds, the rest were about 3 pounds and cookie cutter fish. Upon return to the launch, our story matched nearly everyone else. Great morning and slow all day. Either way, we had a great day on the bay, I couldn't ask for better company and over all it was a beautiful day in the great outdoors!

January 12, 2014

Today we hit the Muskegon River near Newaygo, Mi. We had a great day in the sun and some warmer temperatures for a welcomed change in weather. Today was a great reminder that spring is right around the corner. The river flow came up just enough to stain the water and the warmer air and rain gave us a nice mid January run off. We hit all of our fish on a bead rig under a float. We started our assault with Center Pin's and when the wind picked up, we switched over to spinning rigs and bait casters as well. While the water had some stain, lighter leaders and a natural egg pattern did the trick! Here are a few pictures from today. We are now booking for our prime days for Spring Steelhead trips. Be sure to plan your trip and reserve your dates today!


January 8, 2014

Nate and I took the day off of the Newaygo County lakes and headed west to none other than Muskegon Lake. We fished a popular community hole for some perch. We filled a 3 person limit in about 4 hours. At times it got downright hectic and we couldn't keep a line in the water! We got a few nice jumbo perch with our average being around 9''. Minnows are working great, just make sure to bring a few different color jigs. Swedish pimples and minnows proved to be successful. The perch came in schools and we went 15 to 20 minutes between schools. There is plenty of ice, the entire lake is solid with at least 10" of black ice. If you want to set up on some great ice fishing, give us a call or book your trip now. We have a very select few days left in January. We are predicting great ice conditions well into February!

Tight Lines



January 6, 2014

Muskegon River- @Croton Pond

Ice Conditions- Main Pond/Big Muskegon side 8''+

There's nearly 6'' of good ice over most of the main river channel.

Little Muskegon side is well over 8'' of great ice.

I have had a quad on most of the pond near Croton, Mi. Be careful and watch for thin ice near current, there are still small openings where there is heavy current on the North Side of the pond.

We have been hitting the ice everyday for the past week. As the cold weather moves in, the fish have taken on a very slow and lethargic pattern. Deeper water has proven to be fruitful. As the cold front moved in out fish numbers have dropped, but the size had made up for the low numbers. We have not had to sort little ones in 3 days, every fish has made the bucket! We are getting perch, gills, and crappie in a mixed bag during the day. Small mamooskas, and any jig with glow has worked well; minnow heads or wax worms. Northern Pike have been feeding well and keeping us busy on tip ups as well as jigging. We have had to keep changing jigs, and presentation has been key to getting the fish to bite; the cold front has the fish pretty tight lipped, however they have been very interested. We have been getting walleye on shiner minnows and jigging rapalas. The walleye bite has slowed down and they are moving into deeper water, this cold front and drastic change in weather has them tight lipped. We are anticipating a heavy walleye bite on Wednesday when the cold snap gives way to higher temperatures. BE SAFE out there and take your kids ice fishing!

Jason with a 40" Northern pike, while jigging for perch.

Big Mike with a dandy 30" pike on a perch rig!



December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! Today we spent a few hours on Croton Pond near Newaygo, Michigan. We braved the elements after celebrating Christmas with our family. Walleye were the target and the bite was slooooow. We managed to get on the big Muskegon River side of Croton Pond, we fished in 20 feet of water near a steep ledge for walleye and pike, we had 3 flags go off and lost one small pike at the hole. Other than that today was slow, we have been using jigging rapala's and minnows. We have a few more days to go before there is more safe ice on Croton Pond. We were limited to a small area due to hazardous ice conditions. With the heavy snowfall the weight on top of the ice is causing stress cracks and soft ice. If you venture out on the hard water stay safe and have fun!


December 9, 2013

It's official, there are a few lakes in the West Michigan area with safe ice! Let's begin the Ice Fishing Season 2013! We have been getting quite a few gills on waxies and spikes. Every angler has gotten a limit so far, it's not too hard to do on first ice. We will be heading out to venture for some awesome Great Lakes Perch and Walleye over the next few days as well. See below as we have been hitting some great walleye on Hardy Pond near Sportsman's Park. They are definitely hungry right now! But, these fish are not just eating everything, in walleye fashion we have had to work to stay on the fish.

The Muskegon River is still proving to be plentiful with Steelhead. Winter water is where they are at. Big, deep, slow water. Slip bobbers are the trick, if you can keep your line from freezing. Good Luck, stay warm and safe.


Nate Wellman with a GREAT 7 pound walleye from Hardy Pond. Notice the flag up in the background!

Call Nate today for more info on fully guided Ice Fishing adventures today! Prices starting at only $150. That's affordable on any budget, the fun is priceless and the memories are forever!


November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving. We are spending the holiday right where you should be, on the river. The fish are active and the snow is flying. We have had many hook ups despite the snow sticking to everything. Egg patterns have been the ticket, the precipitation and relatively high water for this time of the year has made this years fall/winter steelhead run second to none! Here is Scott with a nice chromer from this morning.


November 16, 2013

No Deer hunting for us, the Muskegon River Steelhead fishing has been too hot to leave! The water levels are staying up and the water temperature is perfect. The weather has been mild and down right warm the past couple of days. The place to be is on the river with us! We have been landing a ton of fish, back bouncing is becoming better as we get more fish entering the river system. Bobber rigs with spawn is the ticket this week with float fishing on the Muskegon River.

Hooked and landed, all by himself!


Call Mom and tell her that Dale is bringing dinner home, and it's fresh chrome!


November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day! The steelhead fishing has been great on The Muskegon River. The past few days the fish are biting better on larger spawn bags, bobber rigs and center pinning have been our main tactics. We the water is near 2000 cfs and we still have rain in the forecast. More fresh steel is sure to show up soon.

The Grand River has been off the chain! Everyday there have been more fresh steelhead pouring into 6th street. There is no end in sight and the fishing is hot.

Call today for availability. 616-540-5695

Here are a few pictures from this week.

Double Header!!

Crystal with a brute!


November 4, 2013

This week has been spectacular on the Muskegon River. The water levels are up, the water has a slight stain and the steelhead are hungry. Friday and Saturday brought much needed rain, and many fresh steelhead followed that water upstream. We are still getting a quality bite on beads. Spawn bags are effective, beads under a bobber has been the trick though! This higher water and good rain gave us more fish for weeks to come. Check out these picture from the last few days.


November 1, 2013

Here we are again well into fall, The Muskegon River is producing yet another epic fall Steelhead Run. Who needs a tree stand when there is warm air and fresh steelhead to be had? We have been doing awesome running bobber rigs with Center Pins. Float fishing is the name of the game for the past 2 weeks straight. The King Salmon are nearly all gone and but a mere memory of the great run we had this year. So far the fall Steelhead run has been even better than the King Run. We are averaging near 13 pounds for each fish. Here are a few of the photos from the past few weeks. There is fun to be had by all! Don't forget your favorite Veteran this Veteran's Day either, we are offering $100 off a full day trip for our heroes. Be sure to call and book your trip today! 616-540-5695 Nate


October 14 2013,

This week is shaping up to be one for the record books. We have been running 2 trips a day to keep up with all the salmon moving in. The kings are still on gravel and in pretty good shape. Everyday we are catching bigger King Salmon, and bigger Chrome Steelhead!! Flies and bead patterns are doing well so far this week. As the sun gets up and the fog burns off, fly rods are essential. Our calendar is getting full for the rest of this month, we still have room for afternoon trips on the Muskegon River starting at 2:00pm for only $250. First come first serve. Call Nate today, 616-540-5695.


Indicator fishing for Steelhead has proven to be productive when the Salmon beds are getting too much attention

See, even girls from Oklahoma can do it! Fall 2013 is shaping up well.


October 8, 2013

The Muskegon River is continuing to impress, many large salmon still moving in and we are hooking up all day long!! There are plenty of fish on gravel, but as more fish push in the holes are still producing a few fish. Fly fishing on gravel beds is the most productive lately. We are seeing many more steelhead move though as the king salmon continue to spawn. Here are a few pictures from the past week.

Evan and Baron with two great King Salmon!



October 2, 2013

The Muskegon River near Croton Dam is producing great numbers of salmon. We have had many fish over 27 pounds with 22 pounds being the average this week! All I can say is they are monsters this year! Floating skein under a bobber has been the trick. When skein is not working fly fishing has produced many hook-ups. Today we landed a few steelhead while fly fishing, it was a nice surprise on a hot afternoon. It looks like mother nature is going to give the Muskegon River a little water this weekend. This will push many more King Salmon up, along with groves of fresh chrome Steelhead. We still have a few days open for the next 2 weeks, give us a call to schedule your trip today!!

Fly fishing has produces a few steelhead over the past few days. Looks like it is shaping up to be a great fall.

 Harley with a nice big hen!


September 28, 2013

The Big Manistee River salmon run is in full swing. Fly fishing has been great! There are thousands of fish on beds near Tippy Dam. The lower stretches are still producing good numbers of King Salmon on skein under a bobber. Stick baits have done very well in the mornings. The salmon are running bigger than average this year, so be ready for a fight!

The Muskegon River King Salmon run is in full swing as well. We have been doing very well floating skein all day in the deep holes. Near Croton Dam there are quite a few fish on beds. Watch out as the water is low and clear, fly fishing has produced good numbers of fish during the brightest part of the day.

Here are a few pictures from this week.

Mike with a 25 pound King Salmon

John and Jerry with a double header!

Trey showing of his guns after fighting a huge salmon!!



September 10, 2013

The Muskegon River is turning on!! This morning Nate had a limit before daylight. Cranking thunder sticks at first light, then floating Skein with a Center Pin. Yesterday, we got a good soaking cool rain, Lake Michigan water temps are starting to fall, the nights are getting cooler and longer. This is the perfect recipe to get some King Salmon moving up into the Muskegon River.

Book your trip today!!






September 8, 2013

We are fast approaching fall! The Big Manistee River had been producing large numbers of King's, and there are only more to come from the lake. The Big Manistee Salmon run has been great this year. We have had many Coho, and there are still plenty of Skamania Steelhead to chase around.

The Muskegon River is going to be hot in the next couple weeks. This weeks rain will offer a fresh push of fish moving toward the upper stretches of the river. The colder weather forecast will also help the cause. Don't hesitate to book your trips, we are filling our  month of October quickly. The dates still available for September are: 16, 17, 18, 25, 26, 27, and 30th. Our first week of October is FULL! Book your trip today!



Here are few pictures from last week. Crystal with her first Lake Run Brown Trout! Great Job!! You can just feel the excitement as she holds her trophy!!

26 lb Female on caught on Skein! First bobber down of the day....Many more to follow.

Thunder sticks are proving to be worth their weight I gold this fall, popular colors are Fire Tiger, and anything Chartreuse or Orange.


June 8, 2013

The Drake hatch has been great over the past few days. Last night was calm and clear, tons of bugs and trout popping the surface. We have been averaging around 5 to 6 hook ups an evening, per angler. Muskegon River Fly fishing is phenomenal this time of year, everyone should try it at least once in a life time! Here is a picture of Scott with a beautiful Muskegon River Brown Trout. Final measurement was 20 1/2 inches. Man, I bet if we were fishing in some kind of contest this beauty would take the cake!!

Tight Lines,


June 6, 2013

The Mighty MO is flowing at nearly 3000 cfs, 62 degrees, and bugs!! The past few nights we have had a decent drake hatch, sulfurs are doing well along with an Adams pattern... The miracle mile has been busy and very wadable. Follow the hatch!!



May 23, 2013

Steelhead numbers are beginning to dwindle on the Muskegon River. Trout fishing has been great. Sucker spawn, beads, and flies are all working very well! There is an abundance of food in the river, so the trout are hitting more often and getting fatter by the day! With this high water the river traffic should be low, get out and enjoy the great fishing! Happy Memorial Day!



May 9,2013

The flood waters have subsided, the water is clear and warming up by the day. The steelhead are still pushing up the Muskegon River. Flies have been hot, stone patterns, yarn eggs, and beads on a float rig. Most guys are hitting fish up on gravel. The fish are beginning to get pretty stressed. I have been floating flies, spawn and beads through holes. Still getting 10+ hookups per day. We are supposed to get a little bit of rain tonight, the rain will pull more fish up stream. At this rate the spring steelhead run will bring us well into June.

Trout have been hitting flies and beads behind steelhead beds very well! We have had 15+ hookups with 14-18 inch browns and rainbows. Nothing huge, but it sure does fill in the time between steelhead. We pulled up on shore to have some lunch and look what we found. Nearly 100 black morel mushrooms. We can't seem to have a bad day on the Muskegon River, fly fishing, morel mushrooms. Sure beats any day at work!

Tight Lines

April 23, 2013

The Muskegon River is well above flood stage, but the steelhead are in full force. For those of us that brave the elements and take the risk of landing 30+ steelhead per day, the fishing is great. The water and water temperature is rising and bringing more fish in by the day. The spring steelhead run is hot and heavy. We have been hitting most of our fish on centerpin's and float rigs.

Be sure to book your trip today, we only have a few more days left open in April.

Tight Lines


April 10, 2013

The rain is steady and bringing the Muskegon River up. The water temperature is near 38 degrees. We are still hitting a good number of fish despite the rising water. Fight off the elements and be rewarded, the rain won't stop us from getting out there and getting a few lines tight! Floating spawn has worked well for the past 2 weeks. We have seen a good number of fish on gravel, although with this high water seeing much of anything after today will be impossible.


Here are a few pictures from last week April 3, 2013


April 7, 2013

The Muskegon River

Chrome, Chrome, Chrome. The water temps are staying up and the steelhead are beginning to run. We have hit multiple days over 50 degrees and Mother Nature has finally let go of winter. The Muskegon River has produced a good number of fresh Steelhead in the last week. We have been doing well on spawn and flies. Yes, there are fish on gravel, but all the chrome is holding in the deeper pools. There is a boat show on the Muskegon River from the Pine St. boat launch to Croton Dam on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We are staying away from the crowds and enjoying the days full of fresh bullets. Tight lines!

The Grand River

The Grand River is getting a few fresh pushes of fish. The 6th Street Dam is producing more fish everyday. We are getting reports of 30+ hookups in 5 hours. If you want to deal with the crowds, bring your spawn bags and chuck'n duck rigs.

The Manistee River

The Manistee River is well into the spring steelhead run. There are quite a few stretches of gravel full of fish upstream of the Highbridge boat launch. On the weekends there have been quite a few people lined up at Tippy Dam. Flies and beads are working great to produce a few fresh fish in the holes.

Good Luck, and here are a couple of pictures from the past week on the Muskegon River.



April 1, 2013

Today is no joke, it's cold! We are hoping for warmer air and water temps to improve the number of steelhead in the Muskegon River. Nate and I had the day off and went in search of a fresh pod of fish. The fish are still in a winter pattern, we need a few warm days and a nice soak of warm rain to light up a fresh push of fish. The water temp coming from Croton Dam has been between 35 to 37 degrees.It won't be long, as the days are getting longer and the rain is in the forecast. Tight Lines!!


March 21, 2013

The Muskegon River has risen and the water is starting to stay around 34/35 degrees. As the water has been rising we have seen quite  a few more fresh steelhead. The steelhead are still holding in the deep holes, although there have been a few sightings of fresh beds! The weather man is saying this cold weather is going to break for more 40 degree days ahead. We still have a couple of days open for the start of April. The peak steelhead run is going to be awesome this year. We have had plenty of snow and the spring runoff will pull a lot of fish right up too us.

February 26, 2013

Spring is near!! As the next few weeks approach the steelhead fishing will be spectacular on the Muskegon River! We have been getting more fresh pushes of chrome steelhead as winter is winding down and giving away to spring. The water levels are consistent and the water clarity is great. We have hit quite a few fish on flies, but bait is still hot! Float fishing with center-pins and spinning rods have proven to be awesome! This time of year is great, we are even hitting a few walleye between steelhead. Walleye season ends soon, so get in on the action now!!

Ice fishing is winding down for the season, we still have plenty of ice and plenty of winter left. Croton and Hardy ponds have been producing nice Crappie, Pike, and walleye. White Lake near Montague, Mi has been great for white perch. Last week we did well near the "Post Office". 

Contact us soon to book your trip with us. West Michigan Guide Service, West Michigan's Elite Guide Service!


February 13, 2013

The Muskegon River steelhead fishing has been great!! The water is up near 2000/2400 cfs. The weather has been a roller coast of winter and spring, snow and rain. This will help bring in more fresh fish. Spwan and jigs are very popular right now, color is key to success. Slower water and deeper holes will hold steelhead, we have been changing it up between flies, jigs and spwan between weather changes. We have been successful on all three.

I have been fishing Croton Pond for the past few days looking for some nice pike. We have been averaging double digits and roughly 30 to 40 inch average size. Jigging Raps and shiner minnows have done well for pike. 

Spring is coming soon!! book your trip today with West Michigan Guide Service.

Here are a few pictures from fish over the last couple of weeks.



January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!! We have been fishing with family and friends for the last week during Christmas vacation. As we head into ice fishing season, I would like to focus this post on Ice Fishing to remind everyone that we offer fully guided ice fishing trips on all of our beautiful lakes in West Michigan. There is safe ice on many local lakes and ponds, but be careful and stay dry. The bluegill and pan-fish bite has been great, walleye's are making the slow winter days turn into hot ice action! We are averaging 6 to 8 Walleye's each day on Hardy Pond near Newaygo, Mi. Perch are biting during the days, (8" average)but we have had to sort through quite a few to get a decent limit. We have been getting more pike than we can count on tip ups, they put up a fun fight and fill the time during mid day. Ice fishing has been great for the last week straight, but be careful and double check ice conditions, stay safe! "MOST" of the lakes in the Newaygo area have at least 3'' of safe black ice, any water with current still has 2'' to 3'' of ice, as we head into mid January there will be plenty of ice to bring out the snowmobiles and 4 wheelers. Good luck and tight lines, we look forward to hearing from you!

We are getting a few steelhead each day between ice fishing trips. Right now on the Muskegon River, winter pattern flies are working great. A Blonde Woolly Bugger or Egg Sucking Leech under a bobber have worked well for the last few days. We have a had good luck with jigs and wax worms as well. The water level is starting to drop as we head into mid-winter, soon enough we will be in full swing spring steelhead action. Be sure to book your trip today, we will be filling up fast as spring approaches!!



December 19, 2012

We have been on the Grand River this week. The river is just high enough to jump the coughers. The steelhead are in pretty good. This rain and snow that is coming should bring many more in in! Jigs is the name of the game. The past couple days we are averaging about 15 fish in a 7 hr day!! The fish are around, especially when we are the only boat daring enough to fish near the dam, it is definitely worth the drive. Here are a few fish from the past few days.


December 16, 2012

In the past few weeks the water has come up and brought in a fresh push of fish on the Mighty Muskegon River! The rain and snow is much needed to keep up the flow. To finish off duck season we have sported the beards "Duck Dynasty Style" and fall is now over. Thankfully winter has stayed away long enough to give us a few days of pleasant weather for us to enjoy some fine fishing weather. On behalf of the Muskegon River steelhead fishing, the steelhead bite has been fantastic for those of us that can find and target these winter steelhead. The trout fishing has kicked into high gear. The Brown trout and Rainbow trout numbers on the Muskegon River have been phenomenal to say the least. From float rods to fly rods there's almost no way to go wrong this time of year. Give West Michigan Guide Service a call today to book your next trip. Our Christmas special is still in full swing for 9 more days.

Tight Lines


Mark with the first cast, and first Muskegon River Steelhead of the day!!

John with a dandy Muskegon River buck!

Ross with a great 15 pound HOG!! Great Job!!

November 26, 2012

The Muskegon River is still low and clear. This has not kept us from hooking up though. Bring on the snow and rain and of course the Steelhead! Persistence pays off and a little color to the river would not hurt. Spawn bags have been crucial to success. It might be winter, but a day in the cold has never stopped us from chasing chrome from dawn to dusk. Come join us! Here are a few pictures from the past week. Check them out and keep your eyes out for our Christmas Sale to hit the interweb later today. After all it is cyber Monday right? Tight lines

West Michigan Guide Service

Brad with a hefty 9 pound male. First Steelhead ever, congratulations Brad!

Here is Ray with a 10 pound male, also his first Steelhead! He just had to top Brad's 9 pounder, Great Job guys!!

She might be small, but she sure is cute. Look at the chrome glow! Happy Turkey day to me!!!

November 12, 2012

The past few days have been spectacular and full of steelhead. The steelhead are in full force on the Muskegon River. The weekend rush is over and today was a wild weather flip from yesterday(sunny and 70 degrees)! Fighting through the wilnd payed off and we fished through the elements. Here are few pictures from today and this past weekend. We hope to hear from you soon. The next 2 weeks is the prime time for fall steelhead, we are booking up the rest of this month pretty fast!!

November 8, 2012

Steelhead fishing is great! We have been very busy for the past 2 weeks. The steelhead are pushing up on the Grand River, the Muskegon River and the Big Manistee River. We are now booking trips for the rest of the fall into winter Steelhead fishing. Check out the pictures below from this past week on the Muskegon River and Grand River. We have been float fishing with Center Pins and Spinning rods. The chrome is bright, if you are not having a great deer season book a trip and fill the freezer with Steel!

I would also like to extend an offer to all of our Veterans.In honor of Veteran's Day, book a trip for the month of November and December and receive $100 off. That's $250 per day with everything included!! Please call Nate Rose @ 616-540-5695 for booking info. Offer ends December 1st, so book your trip today with West Michigan's Elite Guide Service, tight lines.

October 25, 2012

Steelhead has been the name of the game!! We are getting many chrome steelhead everyday. The Muskegon River has come up to normal flow levels and the steelhead are coming in schools as the water rises. Trout fishing has been pretty decent as well. The Grand River is at all time high levels which has brought many many steelhead to the river near Grand Rapids, Mi. The weather is great and so is the fishing. Book your trip today with West Michigan's Elite Guide Service.

West Michigan Guide Service

October 15, 2012

We have been seeing good numbers of steelhead on the Muskegon River, the Manistee River is continuing to show progress for steelhead as well. Salmon fishing is starting to slow down as the fish are on beds and completing their life cycle. We will keep you posted as the rivers should go up with more rain in the forecast.

October 7, 2012

Kings are in! The Muskegon River has been getting a steady push of kings up to the Croton Dam. I took Rick out for an afternoon full of King Salmon. We landed 4 and hooked at least 12 in 3 hours!! There are a few Steelhead around, and the bite is sure to pick up as more kings move in from the lake. There has been little boat traffic and a few bank fishermen, so the fish have been fairly unpressed. There are new beds popping up everyday, and many more fish moving up!  Come join the fun and book your trip today with West Michigan Guide Service, West Michigan's Elite Guide Service.


October 2, 2012

Over the last 2 weeks we have been busy with King Salmon! Tippy Dam near Wellston,Mi is LOADED with fresh King Salmon for the taking. There have been loads of fish pushing up on beds. We hit a couple nice lake run brown trout and coho salmon as well. Yesterday I stayed on the lower stretches of the river near Bear Creek, there are still fresh King Salmon pushing up river. The King Salmon run is far from over. If you are looking for a great time and want to load the boat with King's call West Michigan Guide Service!!  Here are a few pictures from Friday and Saturday. I had a great time with Evan, Barron and, Ron. They came all the way up from the great state of Indiana to enjoy some Pure Michigan! Book your trip now, our dates are getting full!!

On Sunday I took a good friend of mine out for a few hours. We landed 25 Kings in 4 hours!! One of which had a deformed mouth see the pictures below. We stayed on the lower stretches of the Big Manistee River and absolutely hammered fresh King Salmon in the deep holes and log jams.

This week we will be fishing on the Muskegon River near Newaygo, Mi. There has been a big push of fish up to Croton Dam, near Croton, MI. If you want to get a few King's in the boat and not drive so far north, now is your chance. There's not a ton of people on the river, the weather is great and the King Salmon are not too pressured at this point. As the rain rolls in this week the fish will start moving towards Croton, and fresh King's will move up from the lake. The fishing will be absolutely unbelievable for the next 30 days.


We are getting into the best King Salmon fishing of the year!! Book your trip today with West Michigan Guide Service.



September 18, 2012

It has been over a week since our last report. We have been very busy!! The Salmon are starting to get in the Manistee River very well near Tippy Dam and Wellston,Mi. Floating king salmon skein and crank baits are very productive. Nate has had three 20 fish days in a row!! The Grand River is getting a fresh push of Skamania Steelhead. Nate has been hitting a few king salmon on skein and crank baits on the Muskegon River near Newaygo, Mi. There is not really a huge number of salmon in the Muskegon on the upper stretches yet though. Near Bridgeton, Mi has been good in the cold deep holes. Stay tuned for more info on all three rivers. We will be out all week and posting a new fishing report as soon as possible. The cooler weather and much needed rain is going to fire up the salmon and cool the rivers down to fish-able temperatures.  Check out a few Steelhead pictures from this morning. Ross and company landed 7 and it's not even noon!!!


September 9, 2012

I had a great day on the Big Manistee River with Jackie and Jason. Jackie took the time to learn how to throw crank baits with a bait caster. She also tried floating skein for the first time with great success. We were able to hit a couple king salmon in the lower stretches of the Big Manistee River on skein. I think she had a little too much fun with the sucker she caught, but it made for a great photo shot. With the blue skies and sun today it was challenging to get a hit at every hole, but we made headway when we covered more water. There are quite a few pods of fish moving toward Tippy Dam still. Finding the fish can be a challenge, but they are in!! We hooked a few coho salmon and landed one small brown trout early. All in all it made for a great day with great clients, I could not ask for a better day on the water.


Nate Wellman

September 7, 2012

Today was awesome!  Nate, Dave, and I hit the Big Manistee River on a salmon scouting mission. We floated spawn, and cranked the deep holes for kings. As the rain came the King Salmon came alive!! We got on the river at 6:30 and the fun began!! We hooked well over 20 fish to include a few Coho Salmon and 2 Brown Trout. With all the rain that hit us today next week will be prime Salmon Run at Tippy Dam and The Manistee River Near Wellston, Mi. It seemed like it started to rain at about 11:00 am and never stopped until 10 minutes before we got off the water. It was definitely what the river needed! The fish started to push toward the dam right before our eyes. If you have not seen them as they push up river to spawn, you need to. The king salmon become active, jumping all over hammering skein and crank baits.There is nothing like fighting a fresh King Salmon on a center-pin, or hamming a crank bait in deep water. We ill be out shooting video on Sunday with clients to show our audience a little "How To"....Stay tuned and tight lines!!

West Michigan Guide Service

September 6 2012,

I got a chance to go to Lake "X",  the reason it is Lake "X' is the spot is so great that we don't want to reveal its name.  I took my good friend David walleye fishing at night. The bite started as soon as it was dark, throwing crank baits in the weeds. We made short work of catching fish as the walleye's and smallmouth's were feeding heavily. We fished from around  9:00 pm until 11:30.  We left with our 10 walleye and threw back nearly 25 smallmouth. It was a great night and tons of fun. You should give it a try sometime.


Nate Wellman

September 1, 2012

We had a great day on the Big Manistee River once again. The Salmon have been pushing farther towards Tippy Dam. We are still getting a few early in the morning on crank baits, skein seems to be the key to success. I hit nearly 20 king salmon, and 2 steelhead today. There are plenty of fish, although the days are long and hot making the fish very spooky. It will not be long at all and the kings will be in full swing at Tippy Dam.Give us a call to book your trip today!

August 30, 2012

I am at the Big Manistee River for the rest of the weekend for some deep hole salmon fishing. I started out the day cranking for kings, hit a few and got the net wet a few times. I was fortunate enough to land a great lake run brown trout. There are steelhead and coho salmon that are hitting skein just as much as the King Salmon.  The mid morning time seems to be the best running skein through the deep holes and colder water. I covered the upper stretches of the Manistee River near Tippy Dam. There are plenty of fresh fish pushing up at night and sitting at the creek mouths. I know it will be a great Labor Day weekend filled with many hook-ups! Another great day on the river!!

August 15, 2012

 The trout fishing is wonderful on the Muskegon River right now. The weather has been great all week and the fish have been very active. The late evening has been perfect for dry fly fishing for brown trout; earlier in the day nymphing has been productive. There are smallmouths everywhere on the Muskegon River; Nate Wellman has a few secret baits that many locals would love to get their hands on. The smallmouth bass in the Muskegon River can’t pass them up. 

The Manistee River is not loaded with Salmon, but there are a few around. Monday and Tuesday there seemed to be more fisherman than fish. We spent most of the day locating pods of fish and throwing crank baits on the lower stretches below High Bridge. We did get wind of a few pods of King Salmon already near the Tippy Dam. Lake Michigan turned over last week and the King Salmon have been heading towards the pier at Manistee. There have been reports of guys getting quite a few Salmon on Manistee Lake. The weir in the Little Manistee River is getting fishable numbers of King Salmon and they are trickling up to the Big Manistee River. They will soon be in full force and shooting straight up to Tippy Dam near Wellston, Mi.

August 10, 2012

The trout are biting well on flies on the Muskegon River. We have been getting almost 10 a day over 18”!! There are a few steelhead sneaking around. They are definitely few and far between. There are plenty of smalleys in and around the logjams. The days are starting to cool off and the fish are starting to feed like normal again.

The Big Manistee is starting to get a few King Salmon in the lower stretches. It will not be long and they will be stacked on top of each other. Give us a call to book an early Salmon trip. Avoid all of the crowds and get them when they are still fresh, landing a 25 lb. Salmon on a 13 ft Center pin rod is the ultimate fishing experience. There are quite a few Skamania Steelhead being caught in the Big Manistee River as well. Plenty of fish to keep us entertained and the weather is beautiful!

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